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Questions posed to Ms Y Thomson of CDC


How many affordable homes do we need?

  1. Allocation Policy – What are the criteria for applicants to be eligible for affordable housing?
  2. Affordable Housing Requirement – How many eligible applicants require affordable housing in Birdham?
  3. Existing Stock – Are there any affordable homes available from existing stock, which are vacant or where occupants no longer qualify for affordable housing?
  4. Planned Stock – How many affordable homes are in the pipeline i.e. with planning permission such as the Longmeadow development or other proposed developments (e.g. Church Lane site)?
  5. Net Requirement – Taking into account Nos. 3 & 4 what is the net requirement for additional affordable housing for the immediate future?

 Site Selection Queries (see attachments)

The Plan displayed at the meeting held on 20 January 2012 showed some sites which are not included on the SHLAA March 10 plan on the CDC website and it appears that no reasons have been published as to why these have not been considered for affordable housing.

 What reasons are there for not considering the following sites:

-          Village Playing Field

-          2 Sites off Florence Close

-          2 Sites NW of Bell Lane Roundabout

On the proposals for the Crooked Lane site:

-          Have the issues over ownership of the access been satisfactorily resolved?

-          Is the access width sufficient? It is understood that a width of 4.5m can be achieved for two-way vehicular traffic but will not include a footpath. Is this regarded as safe for pedestrian traffic to the site?

 BI08168, BI08169, BI0870, BI8176, BI0902

Though these have been currently excluded pending future planning decisions and the outcome of the LDF, is there not a possibility that these could be brought forward and include affordable housing?


If the Seaward development is given planning permission will this not include affordable housing?

10.     BI08173, BI08174, BI08175, BI08177, BI08179, BI08180

Explain the reasons why these sites are considered to have ‘No Potential’ and have been excluded on the grounds that they are isolated, stand alone sites.

11.     BI08183

What is the reasoning behind this site being declared as having potential but only in conjunction with other sites?

 12.     BI08184

The implication under this reference is that Birdham Straight House & the adjacent plot also have planning permission. If so, what planning information is available and does it include affordable housing?

Other Considerations

13.     What consideration has been given to the impact of additional housing on the following:

-          increase in traffic

-          sewage disposal

-          schooling capacity