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Planning Matters January 2009

Planning Matters for the Meeting of 19th January 2009

Plans considered by the Council since the last meeting to be ratified:

BI/08/04972/DOM – Broomer Farm, Lock Lane – revision to planning consent BI/08/00049/DOM by increased depth of approved single storey garden room.
The Council considers that this 2.5 metre extension to the garden room will have little impact on the already approved design of the extension to this house and therefore has NO OBJECTION to this application. We note that the track from the corner of the road to the stable/barn is shown on the block plan and the site plan and would remind the planning officers that neither this track nor the orientation of the stable/barn have, to the best of our knowledge, received planning permission.

BI/08/05031/TPA – 26, Walwyn Close, Birdham – Crown reduce by 30-35% 1 no. oak tree (T5) Reduce eastern sector by 25% (of branches which overhang the house and garage) on 1 no. oak tree (T6). Both trees subject to BI/97/00037/TPO.

Locks End House, Lock Lane, Birdham -
In relation to the plot on which it stands, this proposed Garage and Garden Store with Studio above, although very large, does not, in our view, constitute over-development of the site. We are as ever concerned that the garage/store/studio shall not be sold as a separate unit at any point in the future and hope that this will be a condition on any approval. We would also draw to the attention of the planning officer the proximity of the shuttered windows on the first floor of the garage/store/studio to the canal. These large windows will now be about 10 meters from the canal footpath and the moored houseboat on the south side of the canal. The sheltering double row of poplars on the boundary of the site is reaching the end of its life and, despite TPOs, a number between the site and the footpath have had to be removed recently because they were a danger, making the houseboat even more exposed. We believe that the shuttered window could form an unneighbourly intrusion into the privacy of the houseboat owners. Perhaps the planning officer could look at this and suggest a remedy such as obscure glass in this window. On the general application the Council raises NO OBJECTION but assumes that its comments will be taken into account in considering the application.

CDC Decisions:

BI/08/03948/FUL – Land to rear of Sarnia, Main Road, PO20 7BY – Erection of 4 no. two and three bedroom semi-detached one and a half storey dwellings – PERMIT

BI/08/04567/FUL – Birdham Fruit Farm, Martins Lane PO20 7AU – Replacement dwelling. Minor alteration to house design – window to utility and minor increase in projection of south balcony. Re-use of existing building to provide multi-purpose store. Erection of 3-bay garage and construction of swimming pool and hot tub - REFUSE