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Planning Matters and planning applications and decisions received by the council.

Planning Decisions 2nd May 2012

BI/11/05313/FUL Mr Chris Milton Cowdry Nursery Sidlesham Lane Birdham Siting of 1 no. mobile home and amenity buildings for gypsy use only. REFUSE https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=11/05313/FUL   BI/12/01166/FUL C E A Settlement Trust GWA Auto Barn Birdham Road Birdham Erection of covered parking for car preparation. PERMIT https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=12/01166/FUL

Neighbourhood Planning - A Guide

Neighbourhood Planning Guide For Ward Councillors

Planning Applications 18th April 2012

APPLICATIONS BI/12/01330/DOM Mr Brian Mutter Field Cottage  Westlands Estate Birdham Chichester Single storey extensions into courtyard; addition of carport; amendments to windows on north and east elevations. O.S. Grid Ref. 481939/100507 To view the application use the following link; https://pawam.chichester.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=M16MR1EROY000  

Additional questions forwarded to Ms Thomson

1.  Why was the Crooked Lane site selected, and all the other sites rejected, for Affordable Housing in Birdham? 2.  Was it purely on it's cheapness? 3.  Did the fact that it was outside the SPA and within the AONB not mean anything? 4.  Do you not want any green fields left for our grandchildren and generations to come? 5.  As you were made aware...

Questions posed to Ms Y Thomson of CDC

AFFORDABLE HOUSING – BIRDHAM - QUESTIONS FROM THE WORKING GROUP How many affordable homes do we need? Allocation Policy – What are the criteria for applicants to be eligible for affordable housing? Affordable Housing Requirement – How many eligible applicants require affordable housing in Birdham? Existing Stock – Are there any affordable homes available from existing stock, which...

Planning Meeting 4th October 2010 7pm Village Hall

Birdham Parish Council 28 Langdale Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8JQ Tel : 01243 790402  Fax : 01243 784478 Email : clerk@birdhamparishcouncil.org.uk Website : www.birdham.org.uk Clerk to the Council : David J Siggs PLANNING MEETING OF THE PARISH...

Notes of the Drainage Meeting held on the 1st September 2009

Notes of the Village Meeting about Drainage, Called by Birdham Parish Council, Tuesday, 1st September 2009 Present: The Chairman (Roger Tilbury) and five other Parish Councillors; 43 members of the public; Julie Whitney (Manhood Peninsula Partnership); Gavin Holder (CDC); County and District...

Planning Matters July 2009

Planning Matters for the Meeting of 20th July 2009 Plans to be considered: BI/09/02537/DOM – Penmayne Cottage, Martins Lane, Birdham – Proposed single storey side extension BI/09/02564/DOM – Pipkins, Crooked Lane, Birdham – single storey side extension for garden room. Plans considered by the Council since the last meeting to be ratified: BI/09/01808/FUL - The Dinghy Park, Birdham This dinghy park has existed for a...