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Additional questions forwarded to Ms Thomson

1.  Why was the Crooked Lane site selected, and all the other sites rejected, for Affordable Housing in Birdham?

2.  Was it purely on it's cheapness?

3.  Did the fact that it was outside the SPA and within the AONB not mean anything?

4.  Do you not want any green fields left for our grandchildren and generations to come?

5.  As you were made aware very early on that there were difficulties with access to the site (including a report from the Highways Authority), why was so much time & money spent on  proceeding with the project?

6.  Why did I have to appeal to the Information Commissioner to get you to release information to me?  There appeared to be a conspiracy of silence, and why were the residents of Birdham kept in ignorance of the fact that affordable housing was planned on a very sensitive site?

7. With reference to the proposed Crooked Lane development have the school been consulted. The proposed access is directly opposite the school entrance and would surely pose a safety issue?

8. With the recent change in planning policy CDC are bound to receive a new flurry of planning applications with the associated affordable housing element. Is it worth waiting for a given period to see what comes forward?

9. There has been a significant time since the questions where originally asked of land owners and their willingness to sell their land for affordable housing. Situations have changed and land may have changed ownership. Are CDC going to approach land owners again? Is this information going to be made public?